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Nye enables patients and life sciences partners to discover better health

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Nye’s unique platform is a trusted, secure and compliant bridge between patients, the life sciences industry and healthcare providers.  

Through it, Nye is supporting partners and improving patient outcomes by building experiences that learn from real-world data, are personalised with powerful patient engagement capabilities and will eventually adapt to patients in real-time.

“Digitisation and patient centricity are enablers, without which it has proven very difficult to operationalise the promise of personalised medicine. They represent a profound shift for an entire industry. Realisation of their potential to improve patient outcomes requires a marriage of worlds (digital, life sciences, healthcare, and anthropology) and deep interdisciplinary collaboration with an unusual mix of agility and planning, urgency and patience, long-term commitment, and global scale.” 


Dr Alexander Finlayson, GP, CEO and Founder of Nye Health, and Doll Fellow at Oxford University.

Nye’s decentralised patient support and real-world data platform is applicable across all therapeutic areas to optimise outcomes for patients, participants and partners in health. 

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Built on trust

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Deep data integrations

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Adaptable to any use case

  • Accessibility - any time, anywhere

  • Personalisation to specific needs, improving patient support and outcomes

  • Rich, patient-controlled data to inform clinical decision-making and programme improvement

  • Scalability and enhanced reach

Using Nye’s platform to underpin digital patient support programmes enables:

A trusted platform

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Enabled over one million UK healthcare appointments

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Part of the development trials for the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

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Approved NHS integrations covering 30m people

Secure, compliant and scalable

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

  • GDPR

  • NHS EMR integration

  • Cloud-hosted and secure data storage

  • DCB0129 & NHS DPST Compliant

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