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The future of data-led, patient-first,
digital solutions.

Supporting the life science sector to improve patient outcomes, through our platform which is driven by real world, patient-generated data.

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Challenges we’ve helped our partners to solve



With an intuitive and easy to grasp user experience, simple prompts to take medication and record symptoms, our platform improves adherence statistics dramatically leading to better outcomes for patients and deeper insights for top pharmaceutical companies.


Systemic integration & impact

We have absorbed and addressed healthcare system challenges and ensured a triple win for HCPs, patients and life science.


Patient experience & engagement

The rapid and compliant engagement of patients means we deliver solutions in weeks and months rather than years.  We take data compliance and security extremely seriously and have the top level of encryption and security in place to give our partners complete peace of mind


Overcoming complexity

Our dashboard and intuitive functionality help our partners to understand and interpret data to fuel hugely important decisions for current and future patients across a range of disease areas.

Doctor and Patient

Enabled over 1.5  million UK healthcare appointments


Supported the development trials for the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid vaccine

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Approved NHS integrations covering 30 million people

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