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Healthcare is complicated.

​We were founded by clinicians who recognised that for people to live long, healthy, happy lives that last until a ripe old age, being healthy and engaging in healthcare had to be made simpler. So we're simplifying the tricky bits and protecting the most important.

We've already simplified how patients view and manage their health history with our personal health Timeline. Now we're helping patients feel in control of their data and know the impact of their contribution when they take part in clinical research and trials. 

Why Nye?

Aneurin Bevan (or as his friends called him, Nye) had a vision for a health service that would care for individuals from cradle to grave.

This vision led him to found the National Health Service. 

We believe that the creation of the NHS and its commitment to provide universal healthcare to the citizens of the United Kingdom was one of the greatest steps forward for our shared humanity.

So, thanks Aneurin. For the NHS, and for the name ;)

Nye in the news

The tech minnows changing the NHS

It is a way to make the clinician's own device - whether that's their phone, tablet or desktop web browser - "NHS-compliant"...

Capture of Youtube video
Keeping loved ones in touch through #VirtualVisiting

The team at Milton Keynes Hospital have been using Nye to connect patients and their loved ones, they've termed it Virtual Visiting.

Would you like to join us?

We're just a little team of humans trying to make healthcare simpler for other humans. If you think you can help us do that, we would love to hear from you.


Check out our open positions over on our careers page.

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