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Enabling patients and partners in health to discover better health

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Nye is a decentralised patient engagement and real world data platform for patients, participants and the partners in health 



Partners in Health

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A platform that enables patients to discover and engage with world’s best health, care and medical research

The tools to enable patients to easily benefit from and participate in the research about existing therapies and medical devices and the discovery of new ones

The tools to enable organisations involved in the researchdevelopment of new therapies and medical devices to learn from, support and adapt to patients & participants

Secure, compliant and scalable

Our Experience

We have built technology that has been used to deliver care to more than a 1,200,000 patients, built integrations that give >30,000,000 people decentralised access to their electronic health records so they can discover better health.


Used to deliver 

1.2+ million

NHS consultations 

Approved NHS supplier with integrations enabling ~30 million patients to access their medical record and one of the first apps to integrated with NHS login

Used for participant communication in the 

Oxford University

 AstraZeneca COVID vaccine trial, a number of other strategic COVID studies and a 5 year R&D partnership with a leader in the life sciences

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