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Building Products That Help To Make The World Well?

Alexander Finlayson, CEO

Building products can be tricky. 🧠

Building great products that people love even more so. 🥰

And building great products that people love AND improve the quality, quantity, and longevity of their life…...well that is the ADVENTURE of a lifetime! 🗺

(Oh and then there is having to do it quickly and efficiently enough to make the world a better place)

Where to turn? ↩️

Well, product development can feel suffused with often seemingly conflicting frameworks and definitions. Even the word product development might be up for debate…. However, in order to get stuff done (GSD - all sorts of blogs about that), we need to plot a calm and flexible path through this complexity using the resources available for building ships to sail through choppy waters.

To give us some anchors ⚓ we started by working out the principles of what we knew for sure.

We want to build products that people love (especially other people).

We want to build products which are safe and compliant.

We want to build products which demonstrably improve a person’s healthspan (positive impact) e.g. NICE *

We want to be able to experiment with efficiency e.g. getting to safe, compliant products which improve a person’s health span as quickly as possible. A framework which we commonly see referred to as the OODA loop.

We accept the world can be a little messy. 🎉

The resources we have available are the experience of our patients, first principles thinking, direct experience, intuition, the wisdom of others (e.g. books, blogs and seminars), and our customers and stakeholders.

So here we are and we’d love for you to join us……...🤗

*Historically a lot of technology companies have had to make things that people love. But in healthcare, we have a long tradition that we aspire to uphold of first do no harm and maximising good. See The Hippocratic Oath. Even this can have its challenges. Newer initiatives try to bridge the gap like the NHS Code of Conduct).

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