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Business Insider: How 5 Startups are Helping to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"Alexander Finlayson is chief exec at Nye, which provides encrypted communications tech for doctors to communicate with patients remotely. He said user growth was currently surging 25% per week. "It's extraordinary," he said. "We're making new partners almost every hour." The firm, named after Aneurin "Nye" Bevan (the minister of health who effectively founded the NHS in 1948), has acted fast to respond to the coronavirus crisis. It has created new software called the "NyePhone".

Similar to Babylon, which provides remote medical appointments, the firm allows doctors and patients to connect via video link using their smartphones. On top of all this, Finlayson told Business Insider the startup's cybersecurity and digital infrastructure partners had significantly cut their rates. "They offered to reduce their costs just because they know we're responding to a crisis," he told Business Insider. "I've never seen so much solidarity." Nye said it had contacted around 30,000 doctors in the UK to offer its services."

You can read the full article here.

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