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Nye Health enters Patient Support Programme market with platform-based digital offer

Nye Health, a B2B life sciences and digital health company, today launches its Patient Support Programme (PSP) capability.

Nye Health's patient engagement platform for patient support programmes (PSPs)

Built on Nye's platform, the PSP offering leverages advanced analytics and data integration to apply, tailor and scale learnings across programmes, regardless of disease area and treatment - a radically different approach to traditional point solutions.

“The effective utilisation of digital technology in patient support programmes represents a huge opportunity that hasn’t yet been realised,” said Tom White, Chief Product Officer at Nye Health. “Nye’s platform-based digital PSP capabilities enable personalisation at a patient level based on individual response and action; this leads to better patient engagement, adherence and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

“I believe that by facilitating a personalised, positive experience, platform-based digital PSPs like Nye’s could benefit the millions of patients living with a long-term condition, an increasingly stretched healthcare profession, as well as enabling the pharmaceutical industry to more fully understand the impact and effectiveness of their treatments.”

Dr Mark Chakravarty, Former Global Head of Communications & Patient Advocacy at Novartis Pharmaceuticals and strategic board advisor to Nye said, “In today's world, where platforms like Netflix and Spotify offer personalised content and devices like the Apple Watch give tailored fitness advice, patients rightfully expect similar personalisation from companies that supply vital medicines. We know that the most impactful patient support programmes are those that understand the motivators and drivers of patient behaviour, and deploy interventions matched to individuals’ needs.

“In the past, scale and personalisation were perceived as conflicting priorities in patient support programmes, with many believing they couldn't coexist, at least not affordably. However, the latest advancements in data and digital technology are revolutionising this perspective, proving that we can achieve both without compromise. Digital PSPs are setting a new standard for patient-centricity: not only placing the patient at the heart but also personalising their support."

The Nye platform is able to gather and use data in a compliant, integrated and patient-controlled way. As well as patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), behaviour data and patient feedback, the Nye platform is integrated with NHS electronic medical records (EMRs), enabling the use of consent-based, anonymised, clinically validated data to understand the impact of PSPs on the health of patients.

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Notes to Editors

Nye Health was founded in 2018 by NHS Clinicians with a deeply held aspiration of helping people to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Nye has built a powerful patient engagement tool: a platform that combines real-world data sources - including NHS electronic medical records, patient-reported data and wearable technology - in a secure and compliant way. It enables data to be anonymised, analysed and acted upon to support any disease area, any drug and any device.

The possibilities are transformative: the ability to create truly personalised medicine, which adapts to an individual's changing circumstances. The ability to learn quickly whether drugs in development are going to succeed. The ability to change treatment rapidly and in near real-time, ensuring that people get the right treatment, in the right dose at the right time.

Nye began its journey by asking how technology could be used to transform healthcare and deliver the biggest impact to the quality and quantity of people's lives at scale.

That led to Nye creating a telemedicine platform that enabled any clinician to call any patient on any device from anywhere. The platform facilitated over one million primary care appointments in the UK. During the Covid pandemic, Nye’s technology was adopted for research purposes, becoming part of the vaccine development trials for AstraZeneca.

Since then, Nye has focused on how its platform can help to bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers and the life sciences industry, believing that this is where the biggest benefit to the greatest number of people can be delivered.


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