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Supporting the Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine trial


Find out how you can get Nye for your trial here


We're delighted to announce that Nye is playing a small part in supporting the Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine trial 💉🦠

👩‍🔬🧫🧑‍🔬Researchers working on the trial need to keep in close contact with their participants 🙋

Due to social distancing 🧍↔️🧍 requirements, researchers were keen that as much of this be done remotely as possible.

This helps to keep both participants and the researchers safe🔒

That's where Nye comes in. Through our web-application 🌐, Nye provides a super simple way for the researchers to directly contact 📲 participants either by phone or video call.

Because Nye can be used from anywhere 🌎, even from home 🏡, researchers who are shielded 🛡️ or self-isolating can use it too.

Here's what our CEO, Dr Alexander Finlayson👨‍⚕️had to say about it:

‘The work being carried out by Oxford University is incredibly inspiring. They are bringing their world-leading expertise to bear on the most critical of challenges. Nye is immensely excited to play a small role helping this clinical trial run smoothly.’

Some lovely people have also written about the trial in the press📰, you can read the articles here, here, here and here.

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