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Why Nye?

We are building technology but we believe that it is the ecosystem of stakeholders, the structure of our societies and the nature of our economies that on aggregate determine the health and well-being of our communities. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

We believe that the commitment to provide universal healthcare to the citizens of the United Kingdom was one of the great steps forward for our shared humanity. Nye Bevan’s vision has created a health system built to ensure innovation continues to serve all of the United Kingdom’s people. We think that is pretty cool. We would love to see that commitment extended globally. 🌏

We aim to build technology which drives towards healthier lives, that delivers efficiency savings in the global health system and that can be deployed in an environment where universal access to healthcare is a collective global commitment📜

In the emergent platform economy we think it is really important that technology provides the conditions for equitable access to health. We recognise a balance of the potential positive and negative impact of technology in our lives as well as the critical role of governments and regulators in ensuring a fertile environment for the development of safe technology that demonstrably improves the quality and quantity of people’s lives in a way which is sustainable. ♻️

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