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Who we are

We are doctors, data scientists, software engineers, compliance and regulatory experts, life sciences professionals, product developers, marketeers, communicators and operational leaders. More than that, we share the same goal: to use the best of data and digital technology to make people well.

Meet some of our team

Alexander Finlayson

Alexander Finlayson



Jade Marsh


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards



Neha Visavadia



Lizzie Gallagher 



Tom White


We're aiming for increased quality and longevity of life:


Before Nye

After Nye


Why we're here

Health is complicated.

Nye was founded in 2018 by NHS Clinicians with a deep sense of wanting to do the right thing.

We recognised that for people to live long, healthy, happy lives, we had to make engaging in healthcare simpler. We started by asking how we could use technology to transform healthcare and deliver the biggest impact to the quality and longevity of people's lives at scale.

Our vision initially was to build a consumer healthcare community and so we created a telemedicine platform that enabled any clinician to call any patient on any device from anywhere. The platform facilitated over one million primary care appointments in the UK. During the Covid pandemic, our technology was adopted for research purposes, becoming part of the vaccine development trials for AstraZeneca. Since then, we've focused on how our platform can help to bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers and the life sciences industry. We believe that this is where the biggest benefit to the greatest number of people can be delivered.

Why Nye

Aneurin Bevan (or, as his friends called him, ‘Nye’) had a vision for a health service that would care for individuals from cradle to grave.

This vision led him to found the National Health Service.

We believe that the creation of the NHS and its commitment to provide universal healthcare to the citizens of the United Kingdom was one of the greatest steps forward for our shared humanity.
So, thanks Aneurin: for the NHS, and for the name.
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